Wild Pickle

About Us

Wild Pickle was founded out of a deep love for ethically sourced foods, seasonal and foraged ingredients for the best nutrition and flavour.

Wild Pickle was founded in 2015 by myself, Emma Cronin. For a few years before Wild Pickle was born there was a growing curiosity and love for fermented foods, for how they helped as part of an improvement to our diet and overall health but also because it opened up possibilities to be able to create amazing flavours within foods and be able to preserve them for longer, than would have been otherwise. Until 2012, I had not heard of fermented foods and blindly bought processed foods even though I had been brought up with a mum who was an amazing cook and a big family of foodies.

Fermentation revolutionised our kitchen and changed our eating habits and shopping habits forever. As an example, I could create a fermented tomato ketchup that would last 2 months instead of a few days that tasted amazing and did not contain the additives and sugars that shop bought equivalent contained and keep my little one happy & healthy and not have to peel her off the ceiling!

I’ve fallen down an unending rabbit hole of researching where all our food came from, developed an interest in food politics, foraging, growing food & our current food system, soil health, microbes and developed an obsession for fermented foods and now for mold and Koji! There is a fascination as to how fermented foods vary around the world, culture to culture. It seemed to make sense to me to share the skills I had learnt here. I feel like it is my small act of revolution against a crazy food system we are in, to encourage and inspire people to create their own nutritious and incredible tasting fermented foods to the point of being ridiculously tasty, from food available, cheaply, and sustainably and for us not to rely on the supermarkets produce. A small act of taking back control of your food & what we put in our bellies.