Hello! My name is Emma and I am the face and the hands behind Wild Pickle.

I am a passionate fermenter, forager and foodie, with a love of flavour and connecting with food. An ideal day is spent in nature, with the sun on my face, soaking up my surroundings and capturing the moment and that season’s bounty, bringing it back to harness that flavour and goodness.

With 10 years of making, learning and growing under my belt, I am proud to offer workshops and wisdom amongst other things so you can enjoy plenty of delicious goodness at home.

Fermenting and foraging is an adventure and there is so much fun to be had along the way, caring for your ferments and hunting for your plants while out on your travels…

Fermentation can be great for the gut and that’s something we don’t chat about often enough! It also has links to health and wellbeing, not to mention being super tasty and packed with flavour. Need I convince you more?

Foraging is a beautiful way to while away the day and I am spending more and more time getting lost in local plants and flowers. However, you need to be safe and even after all these years I am still learning every single day. There is so much to gain and we can feel the earth under our feet and move in sync with the cyclical patterns of life.

We offer events and workshops if you would like to dip your toe and very soon we will be opening our barn space to the public for a foray into foraging on a much larger scale, watch this space – or watch the barn!

I would love to get to know you, now that I have told you a little about me, so get in touch and hopefully we will bump into each other soon.

-Emma Cronin
Founder of “Wild Pickle”

Our Goal

The goal of Wild Pickle is to share the passion and joy of foraging and hunting out well sourced foods for preserving or enjoying as is. We seek quality, seasonal, organic, local and sustainable edibles. We seek to lower our carbon footprint and find ways to operate in a conscious and caring manner. Above all to share, love and enjoy the flavours and the creations we make with as many people as we can.