Wild Pickle

I created a lovely dandelion muffin

We had a lovely beginners foraging walk at Newhouse Farm today and we were enjoying the gorgeous warm weather and abundance of plants I didn’t take any photos!I created a lovely dandelion muffin as a taster to capture those lovely yellow petals before they disappear in Staffordshire. Here’s how to make them:-1 cup of dandelion … Read more

Join us under canvas

Join us under canvas in our beautiful tipi this summer to master the ancient art of fermentation with expert teacher Emma Cronin from Wild Pickle, ending with tasters aplenty. Everything you need is provided, and you will leave with your own creation and a new-found confidence in your skills to carry on at home.Taking place … Read more

Wild fennel & orange sauerkraut.

Wild fennel & orange sauerkraut.Wild fennel is quite easy to find at this time of year. Some was found not far from Halen Môn, Anglesey. This is what was created from it & it’s delicious! Making sauerkraut is wonderful process when you know how. Remove outer layers of the cabbage and keep them to one … Read more