Online Workshop: Milk and Coconut Kefir(3rd Schedule) Saturday 5th September 10am to 12pm


Milk and Coconut Kefir Workshop 

2nd-Time Schedule

Slightly effervescent, tangy and bursting with probiotics and goodness, Milk kefir is the queen of yogurts and some! During the workshop, you will learn how to make your own dairy or coconut milk kefir from your grains and how to get the most out of these amazing little gems.

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Saturday 5th September 10am to 12pm

3rd-Time Schedule


What we will cover?

In this workshop, we will cover…

  • Health benefits
  • Health and safety
  • How to make milk and coconut kefir
  • Storage
  • Other foods that can be made or enhanced by using milk kefir
  • What to do with whey

What you will need?

  • For this workshop, you will need Milk kefir grains (these can be purchased from our shop, a reputable online supplier or a friend who may have some spare)
  • Dairy cows or goats full fat, pasteurized/unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk (What is available to you but not UHT)
  • Non-dairy coconut milk (recommend Biona or Grace with no additives in)
  • A clip top jar


(Note: For coconut milk kefir. It is advisable to settle milk kefir grains in dairy milk first before transferring over to coconut milk)


How the online workshop works

  • We’ll email you a Zoom invitation to join the workshop along with a pdf copy of the recipe and process covered in the workshop
  • We’ll demonstrate and get you going with your grains
  • We host up to 12 in this workshop
  • There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions through the workshop


Download the PDF copy here to get clear instructions about this workshop.

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More information on Zoom meetings can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this description. If you have never participated in a Zoom meeting or webinar, it is suggested that you read/watch over the tutorial before this event to help you get the most out the session.

Check the link below to know how to join the meeting on zoom.

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All workshop sales are final, we don’t offer refunds or rescheduling. 


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