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Wild fennel & orange sauerkraut.

Wild fennel & orange sauerkraut.
Wild fennel is quite easy to find at this time of year. Some was found not far from Halen Môn, Anglesey. This is what was created from it & it’s delicious!
Making sauerkraut is wonderful process when you know how.
Remove outer layers of the cabbage and keep them to one side, cut cabbage into quarters and chop out and keep the core.
Shred the cabbage, pop in a mixing bowl,
Clean really well and finely chop the fennel up and add to the bowl.
Add the salt (2% of the weight of cabbage etc) to the cabbage and massage together until you have a pool of brine in the bottom of the bowl, 12 to 15 minutes of massage!
Fill a clean 1 quart/litre jar and pack in the veg tightly to fit as much as you can just a third of the way and add your orange slices down the sides for decoration and or zest the orange and add the juice. It’s your call!
Make sure there is 2.5cms space between the ferment and the lid.
Take the outer cabbage leaf and fold it to push the fement under the brine. Then use a core on top to keep the outer leaf down and close the lid, making sure there is 2.5cms breathing space.
Place a bowl under the ferment jar to capture any liquid that escapes. This is normal.
Wait for 10 to 30 days for the microbes to work their magic and ferment the contents of your jar! Keep at room temperature and keep an eye it stays under brine.
You’ll then have a live, unpasteurised wild fennel & orange sauerkraut on your hands!
When you are happy with how it tastes, pop it into the fridge to slow the fermentation process down. This has a delicious fresh taste for summer salads, fish dishes and anything else where citrus and fennel fits the bill.
And enjoy!
How would you eat yours?!

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